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Hervara is physically located along one of the Warp routes that lead between the heart of the Calixis Sector and the region which Duke Severus the Thirteenth claims as the Severan Dominate. Near the edge of the Periphery Sub-Sector, the world saw regular traffic from both the worlds of the frontiers and those of the sector. Prior to its secession, this included Imperial transports which would often visit the world to transfer much of its mineral output to the hungry Forge Worlds of the Calixis Sector.

Roughly sixty percent of the planet's surface is covered by landmasses. Relatively shallow, saltwater oceans dominate the remainder of the surface. More than ninety-five percent of the planet's land is divided, relatively evenly, among the six major continents. Each is large enough to include a broad range of climates, many of which were well wihin the acceptable ranges for humanity before Hervara's decline.

Hervara's orbit is roughly 456 days and its local days are 22 Standard Hours, with roughly 11 hours of light, 11 hours of darkness per day at the equator. During the day, the light falls flat on the endless ash dunes and scrubland waste due to the constant cloud cover, imparing the depth of perception on the surface. Hervara has no moons or other larger satellites, but nights are slightly lit by ambient light from surface bastions reflecting off the toxic smog that fills the atmosphere.

Because Hervara primarily served the Imperium as a mining world, much of the human population also dwelt below the surface. A seemingly endless labyrinth of natural and man-made caves extends through the planet's crust. Due to the extensive mining operations, these passages are constantly expanding, even today, as the miners dig in pursuit of the world's natural ore resources. Entire generations of mining families have lived within these caves, some tracing their ancestries back to Hervara's original colonists. Many of these people have never known the light of the system's star, living and dying in darkness, sustained only by the artifical light and tales of the Emperor's divine radiance.

Before the secession, Hervara's atmosphere was unpleasant, but largely breathable. Most of the waste from the mines was either contained or dumped into the world's oceans. Whilst surviving native plants were overburdened with the volcanic gases, it might have been another millennium before the atmosphere became dangerously toxic.

When the war of secession reached Hervara, however, the additional military engagements resulted in a substanical increase in the airborne pollution. Between the countless detonations from massive cannons and additional waste pumped into the air by growling engines of war, Hervaras's atmosphere has become increasingly toxic. Over the past few years, most vallys and lowland areas are permanently shrouded by toxic brown smog.

Humans are capable of surviving in the smog over the short term, though the smell is extremely unpleasant. Limited studies indicate that longer term exposure is exceedingly dangerous. All Imperial Guard units and most Serveran Dominate forces are issued respirators when deployed to Hervara's surface. Only the atmosphere within the world's caverns remains breathable.


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